Table 1.

Mean d001 (Å ) values of ethylene glycol (EG) solvation complex of K-saturated smectites.

ReferenceSampleSolvation methodBasal spacings (Å )
r.t. solvated at room temperature; * ‘mica-like’ crystal; data compiled from different authors; # layer charge mentioned by Schultz (1969); $ layer charge mentioned by Sato et al.(1992).
This studyK-saturated material ‘A’
 Total charge = 0.8/unit-cellEG vapor (r.t.)
 EG vapor (65° C) 
 110° C, 24 h before
 EG vapor (r.t.) 
 Liquid EG (r.t.)15 (10.09)* 
 15 (10.05)* 
 13.04 (10.09)* 
Brindley, 1966 K-saturated smectites (total charge = 0.7)Liquid EG16.9 to 17.1
Schultz, 1969K-saturated smectites (83 samples)300° C, 1/2 h before
 EG vapor (60° C)17 if total layer charge
 < 0.85/unit-cell
 13–16 if >0.85/unit-cell
Weir, 1960 in Suquet et al., 1975K-saturated beidellite# (Black Jack Mine-Idaho, total layer charge = 0.96/unit- cell, tetrahedral charge = 0.96)Liquid EG14.7
Suquet et al., 1975K-saturated saponite (total charge = 0.92/unit-cell)Liquid EG16.5
Glaeser – personal communication in Suquet et al., 1975K-saturated beidellite$ (Rupsroth- Germany, total charge = 1.17, tetrahedral charge = 0.75)Liquid EG14
Sato et al., 1992K-saturated smectites (10 samples)EG vapor (65° C)16.9–17.34 if total layer is ~0.68–0.94/unit-cell and tetrahedral charge <0.5/unit-cell
 14 if total charge is 1.12–1.17/unit-cell and tetrahedral charge >0.7/unit-cell