Table 2.

Mean values of d001 (Å ) of ethylene glycol (EG) solvation complex of Mg-saturated vermiculites.

ReferenceSampleSolvation methodBasal spacings (Å)
r.t.: solvated at room temperature; *vermiculite from Young River (Australia) with total layer charge = 1.2 (Walker, 1958); data compiled from different authors.
This studyMg-saturated material ‘B’ vermiculite
 Total layer charge = 1.16EG vapor (r.t.)
 Liquid EG (r.t.)14.26
Walker (1958)Mg-vermiculiteLiquid EG14.3 if layer charge is >1.4 per O20(OH)4
 16.3 if layer charge is 1.2 or less 15.2 for intermediate layer charge (1.3)
Brindley (1966)† Mg-vermiculiteLiquid EG14.3; 16.3*
Harward et al. (1969)Mg-vermiculites (12 samples) layer charge >1.3EG vapor (60–65°C)
 Liquid EG14.22